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THE CELLULAR INDUSTRY - recession proof and exploding in opportunity!

The Cellular Industry is exploding with growth and VTG Mobile needs to accelerate our stellar growth even faster to take advantage of that expansion. VTG Mobile is one of the fastest growing Master Agent in the United States. VTG Mobile is a wholesale provider of cellular plans to some 5,000 independent retail stores across the nation. We offer cellular service for all of the Carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint), the company can provide the best service in any region. Moreover, VTG Mobile's large distribution network along with direct distribution channels enables the company to provide independent cellular retail dealers the same cellular plans they are currently offering but at a much greater margin.

With all that going for the company, why does it need you? Influential business people and individuals are a valuable resource when a company has a strategic plan that enables it to setup distribution channels into 30,000 independent retail stores across the US by Q2 of 2015. The company could get their on its own with its strong foundation of growth in the industry developed during the last five years. But with you in the network, that growth is much faster. Since the cellular industry is exploding from it's current total revenue of $185 Billion to a projected $500 Billion by 2015, VTG Mobile needs to realize its goal sooner than later.

Unlike any other industry, the Cellular Industry provides a significantly large backloaded profit structure on a product which consumers demand to have month after month. The Cellular Industry proves to be a recession proof business-- would you ever go a month without cellular service?

VTG Mobile hopes to entice you into a long term business relationship by first offering a turn-key operational and training program that will permit you to realize unexpectedly HIGH RETURNS. Wait till you see the numbers on the subsequent pages. VTG Mobile also provides you a free on-line opportunity with our own self-branded wireless website. This site will allow you to simply drive traffic to sign up for cellular and you receive even bigger rewards- just as if you had spent the many years and long hours to position yourself to offer such service. We give you a full turn-key system- we handle it all: the network, signup, shipping, customer support, and operations. Best of all, you have full access to the back end any time of the day to see how your revenues are growing. During the first five years of relationship, you may choose not to take any effort beyond ripping open the envelope with your monthly profit share checks. But by the six or eighth month, the company expects you will begin to get excited as each subsequent check grows. It is that point that we hope you will begin to look towards leveraging your influence and business acumen to help grow the network even more through your own online turn-key business.


** Note - Terms available upon request.

Friendly Team

Our Executive Master Agent Development Team understands the value in making sure we have a GREAT relationship. It is most important that you feel comfortable with your decision and that you receive the best training if you choose to take advantage of it. Everyone in our team wants to make sure that you are taken care of and to ensure that your experience will be unlike any other in the industry. We welcome you to visit our headquarters in Carlsbad California personally so that you may see first hand how much each and every employee cares. Remember, we are hoping to build a long term relationship that grows in value with each progressive year



5651 Palmer Way,
Suite #D
Carlsbad, CA 92010

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We at VTG Mobile try hard to deliver the absolute best Master Agent experience to you.

Some of our Services

  • VTG Commjunications

    VTG Communications Inc. is the parent company of several divivisions that include Jaguar Mobile, Armed Forces Cellular, Jagcall, and more.


  • Jaguar Mobile

    Competitive plans starting at $9.99 a month, your customers can start small or go with a unlimited talk & texting plan. Data plans available.


  • Private Label

    Private Label Wireless provides you with access to global wireless networks, tele- com billing software,and an infrastructure to create your own wireless brand.


  • Wireless PIN's

    PIN’s gives your business the opportunity to serve a broader range of customers. No inventory is needed and there are no up front costs.